Foundations W.O.D.

  • October 8, 2015

    Warm up: “500m Row, Shoulder mobility”

    Today’s Lift: “Snatch Hang & Power

    Skill Review: “GHD’s sit ups

    Conditioning WOD: (Teams of 2) (3rds)

    • 15 GHD’s 
    • 10 Snatches
    • 15 Cal Assault Bike
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  • October 8, 2015

    Warm up: “Trainer’s choice”

    Accessory Work: 2 sets of max distance Towel Farmers Carry (Rx) 32/24 (Sc1) 24/16 (Sc2) 16/12) 25 GHD’s

    WOD: EMOM for (24min.)

    • Minute 1-6 (Odd)- 10 Thrusters (Rx) 95/65 (Even) – Max Reps of MU’s or Ring Dips
    • Minute 7-12 (Odd) – 10 Thrusters (Even) MR C2B or Chin over bar or Banded
    • Minute 13-18 (Odd) – 10 Thrusters (Even) MR Rope Climbs
    • Minute 18-24 (Odd) – 10 Thrusters (Even) MR Burpee Box Jumps
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CrossFit AC News


    Crossfit-AC athlete for the month of October is Thuy Huynh (Twee), this is her story!! Hi,   I’m Thuy Huynh (Twee for easy reading).  I am the LARGE Asian girl in class.  You may have heard me grunting/yelling through a heavy lift from miles away.  I’ve been a …

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