Crossfit-AC athlete for the month of August is Carla Joyce, this is her story!

Hi!  I’m Carla Joyce.  I live in Uxbridge with my family: my husband, Tim, and my two boys, Tyler, 6, and Zac, 3 ½.  I teach 8th grade English in Mendon and I have been Crossfitting for about a year and a half now.

I am competitive by nature and sports has always been a big part of my life.  I played field hockey, basketball and softball throughout middle and high school and I was a captain of my college field hockey team at Framingham State.

I stayed active until I got married and had my two boys.  Like most people, once I had my children, fitness was on the back-burner.  After I had Zac I got back into going to the gym.  I was a regular at spin and tabata classes, but one class and instructor changed things for me.  The “boot camp” class was taught by an instructor who believed in HIIT training and lifting heavy weights (she was a Crossfitter).  Before I knew it I was no longer using the 12-pound dumbbells, but we were going out into the weight room and bringing in the bars.  I remember going home so excited after doing a 55-lb deadlift (lol)!  Needless to say, she got fired and I turned to Crossfit.

I know it sounds cliché and sappy, but Crossfit AC has changed my life.  I am physically stronger than I’ve ever been, it’s true, but I am more confident outside of the gym as well.  No matter what’s going on in my life or what kind of day I am having, I can’t wait to get to the gym.  People say to me, “Oh I don’t know how you are so committed to working out; how do you do it?” And I laugh because I am usually counting down the hours until I can get there.  I get to work, look up the days’ wod, text with people about it (you know who you are – we are texting when we should be working), and fly to the gym.  As soon as I walk in, everything else goes away.  No matter what time I walk into the gym there is a friendly face, someone with an encouraging word, and someone to push me to do better.  I remember my first rope climb and how everyone (even people I didn’t know) cheered – I’ll never forget how that felt.  I love that about Crossfit – we can be competitive, yes, but we root for each other to get better, faster, stronger.  And there is always something to be better at.

When Dino told me I needed to write a little story, all I could think about really is the friends I’ve made and how thankful I am for Crossfit AC.  So, thank you Francesca and Perry for encouraging me and always making me smile as soon as I walk in.  Thanks to Mike for your help and great coaching when I first started. Thank you Dino for pushing me and having confidence in me (not that you have a choice because I beat you so often ;). And the addition of Adam has been invaluable.  When I first met him I was trying to do a muscle up.  He started giving me tips and I was like, Who the hell is this guy?  But from that day on, every time I walked in the gym (every. time.) he’d point to the rings and say Today’s the day! or he’d have another new muscle up transition trick for me to try.  Thank you Adam for being truly invested in helping us get better.  And last, but not least, the friends I’ve made: Suzie (my hero), Lindsay (my partnah), Jill (my cheerleader), and my very first Crossfit AC friend, Kim, who keeps me in line (you’re not doing a very good job, btw) – thank you for talking to me and helping me on that very first day.  I feel like I could list 100 more people whose smiles or friendly “You got its!” make a difference.

I also have to thank my husband, my mother and father in-law, and my parents for always being willing to help out and watch the boys so I can get to the gym; they understand it’s more than just a hobby for me.

So here’s to more PR’s and more friends! 3…2…1…go!

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