Crossfit-AC athlete for the month of September  is Brittany Welton, this is her story.

Hi, I’m Brittany. I Live in Grafton with my boyfriend and my dog. I am a caseworker, bartender, sergeant in the Army and completing of Masters Degree in Social Work from Westfield State University. Additionally this fall I will be embarking on an internship at a local high school. I   found Crossfit about a year and a half ago and it completely changed my life.

In high school I was always pretty athletic between basketball to cheerleading. Once I graduated and began college, physical fitness went on the back burner. I ran into some tough times and became increasingly depressed and gained about 60 lbs in 2 years. I decided to enlist in the Military and in order to do that I had to lose weight. I lost about 40 plus pounds in 3 1/2 months (in a completely unhealthy way). Once I returned from basic training, I re enrolled in college, to finish my bachelor’s degree. Again physical fitness went on the back burner. Once I graduated I started slowly, by going to a regular gym and getting myself a personal trainer (which was a terrible idea, now that I know how a trainer should be). In December of that year, I decided that my new year’s resolution was to try something new.  I did my research on places around Worcester, and came across Crossfit AC.

I’ll admit that I was nervous going in for the first time let alone calling and asking for information. My immediate reaction was intimidation. I was witnessing people doing movements that I though “I will never be able to do”. Francesca was welcoming and kind, not what I expected from this type of gym. She made it very clear that Crossfit is not for everyone, but to give it a try (boy, did I learn that Crossfit was definitely for me after the first class). My first intro was the foundation class. It was nerve-wracking but I soon learned that everyone not only in Crossfit AC but in the Crossfit community was like a family. I remember working on the fundamentals and thinking that “I am never going to get this”.

The positivity that I have received from the Crossfit community has been enlightening, touching and just plain amazing. I have come a long way in my Crossfit journey and I continue to grow. My most resent PR was my muscle up. I worked so hard on getting it for months. Adam worked with me, and gave me words of encouragement. Many of the other members also gave me words of encouragement and helped to give me pointer. The day that I finally nailed it, was a 6 o’clock class and it was PACKED. Everyone stopped their WOD and started clapping. It was literary the best feeling in my entire life. To have people who are different, come from different backgrounds and all have different stories but have one thing in common; their passion for Crossfit and to live a healthy life style. I also posted the video on facebook (because, you know nothing is official until it is on social media) and I had so many people “like” my posting and many more congratulations. So thank you to the staff of AC; Adam, Perry, Dino, Francesca, Nate, Nick, Pam and even Connor for pushing me to do my best and be my best. And thank you to all the members of AC (who some I have become close with) for making me feeling that I belong and like family. I look forward to going every day and I look forward to growing more as an athlete. Hooah!!!


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