Crossfit-AC athlete for the month of February is David Miru, this is his story!!

Hi my name is David Miru, I have always loved being active. Long distance running and indoor/ outdoor soccer are my two major sports. I was a member of world gym for a while but didn’t get the results I was looking for due to lack of consistency because of multiple injuries picked up either at the gym or at soccer. While sidelined with a knee injury in the Fall of 2015 I was looking for a solution to prevent these recurrent injuries…basically I was sick of it. My GF Jen suggested use of a trainer because after serious look at the cause of the injuries we determined that lack of proper techniques could be the reason. At that point I called my buddy Adam Stowell who works at CROSSFIT AC. I felt comfortable with Adam because I had worked out with him in the past as a gym buddy and he knew my limitations particularly “bad back ” ┬áthat required surgery to fix. At the initial meeting we talked about a lot of things but in the end our objectives were simple Getting RESULTS and STAYING INJURY- FREE. He came up with a individualized program geared for me and my specific fitness needs. It has been approximately 100 days since I started working out with Adam and I’m back playing indoor soccer again, I have increased both my lifting reps and weight but most important to me is I have been injury free which means no pain which equals enjoying life more in general. I must say I’m also very impressed by the staff and fellow members at CROSSFIT AC, the dedication and commitment is palpable. Everyone is respectful, friendly, supportive and it’s a common practice to hear athletes cheering each other on. It’s awesome to see that and be part of it.

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