CrossFit Open begins February 25th, and we’ll be gearing up for it over the next six weeks. The Open is the event with the largest participation worldwide within the CrossFit community.
The Open is not only a competition to get to the Games, it is a competition with oneself to measure progress. It is a chance to push yourself more than you would in an ordinary class, to define your strengths and weaknesses, to set new goals, to learn new skills, and to be held to the same standards and share the same experiences as some of the best athletes around the world. There are no qualifiers to participate–it is truly an open competition. And it’s a great way to build community with your fellow gym-mates.
That being said, would I recommend that everyone participate in the Open? Not necessarily. If you are currently dealing with any injuries, this may not be the time to really push and test your fitness. If you are brand new to CrossFit and not yet comfortable with many of the movements, again, maybe now’s the time to work on technique and consistency before adding intensity. If you choose to participate, be smart about it. Don’t hurt yourself for a few more reps in a workout, don’t spend your whole week resting so you can kill it on one 5 minute test, and don’t redo workouts multiple times to gain a couple reps unless those reps are the difference between you qualifying for regionals or not. Enjoy the ride, don’t stress about it, and keep going in your regular training. Continuing to get stronger and faster should still be your main focus. For most of us, is a supplemental, community-buildling activity to test where you are.
If you decide to join us please click on this link and join the CrossFit AC Team

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