Crossfit-AC athlete of month is Michael Su, this is his story!!

My name is Mike Su.  You may know me at the tall Asian guy who takes off his shirt during the warm-up.  I wasn’t always so comfortable with my body.  Not too long ago I had a 40″ waist and weighed in at 225 pounds of which was 30% pure fat.  I needed to do something.  I hit up a global gym and tried to eat right.  This went on and off for several years.  At my last “on” session at a global gym, they gave me a free session with a personal trainer.  All I remember was that he went on and on about how he used to be a professional soccer player and that he could whip me into shape as long as I put in the work on my part with training and dieting.  It was my first time swinging a kettle bell and doing circuit training.  I loved it and hated it at the same time.  At the end of the free session he tried to get me to sign up with him for regular personal training.  I said hell no and walked away.  Did I mention his name was Dino???

Fast forward a couple years when my first daughter (you know the one that runs around the gym doing T2Bs better than most of us…) was about 1-year-old.  She had just learned how to walk.  As she stumbled and hobbled her way back and forth in our family room, I found myself completely out of breathe and exhausted walking behind her.  That was my turning point.  I got on my computer and was ready to be “on” again for another gym.  I did a quick Google search for gyms in the area and found CrossFit AC.  They offered a free class, so naturally my cheap ass took it.

I walked in, and I almost immediately walked out.  I was convinced that I had interrupted the cast of 300 working out.  Hundreds of pounds thrown over head, ropes being climbed, tires being flipped?!  Never have I seen so many abs.  This wasn’t for me.  No, not quite yet!!

Eventually I pulled it together and managed to hide in a corner until my On-Ramp class started.  And boy was I glad I stayed!  Even though I tripped 20 times doing 20 single unders and almost broke my neck jumping on a box (I still have the scar), it was a great experience.  Even being on bed rest for the next 3 days before coming back in felt great.  Believe it or not, this was progress to me.  I signed up for 2 classes per week.  At only 2 hours of working out per week, I yielded more results than I could have imagined.  It felt great when people started to noticed that I’ve been losing weight and getting leaner.  After about a year, those mythical bumps called abs finally came in (although they seem to be running away now).  The best part is that I wasn’t spending and hour or two every day at the gym.  It was 2 hours a week which allowed me to carry on with my life of being a half decent husband, great father, and I had more energy than ever to actually enjoy my life.

I have never been in such a strong and supportive community.  The first one to finish a WOD is always the last to stay cheering until we all got it done.  Just a few days ago there were only a few of us from CrossFit AC competing at a competition.  From the outside looking in, you would have thought it was an AC hosted event with everyone coming down to support and cheer us on.  You don’t find this anywhere else.  The friends I’ve made, the fat I’ve lost, and the gains that don’t quit are what makes CrossFit AC truly an amazing place to call my home away from home.


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