Crossfit-AC athlete for the month of June is Nguyen Huynh, this is his story!!

Hey guys, my name is Nguyen Huynh and I started at Crossfit-AC a little over 3 years ago.

Before AC I was doing what I had thought was working out at Planet Fitness. Getting by with chest pumps and arm workouts.  I was never an athlete in a specific sport and I wasn’t doing much cardio then so Initially a few friends and I started Crossfit in order to prepare for Spartan Races.

After my first WOD, I realized what I had been doing did not prepare me for anything. So I was hooked and pushed through every wod, every day as much as I can possibly fit in order to perform the way I wanted to. Safe to say spartan race went well, and it was due to Crossfit-AC. AC turned me into a slightly above average crossfitter, but what AC introduced me to was Olympic weightlifting.

I am an addict for barbell work, cleans, thrusters, squats, snatches and all things weight. My first year of Crossfit I trained clean and jerk every chance I had, before and after a wod. AC got me started but I continued to do research and analyzed videos of how other people lift and learned through imitation. At the time my snatch wasn’t great compared to my clean so I spent my 2nd year training snatch every chance I got and repeated the same process.

But of all these things, the biggest takeaway that AC has given me was self-confidence and the great community that continues to strive to be better individually and as a whole. Thank you guys for this honor as member of the month and keep training!!

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