Crossfit-AC athlete for the month of August is Brendon Giggey, this is his story!!

Hello everyone, I am Brendon Giggey and I want to thank the people of Crossfit AC for choosing me to be the athlete of the month, I am honored. I started coming here around 2010 when AC was in Auburn when I was home on leave. I was told to write a story about myself – so here Erica sits writing a story about me.

I started at AC about five or six years ago – AC was in Auburn then and I would come with my brother Neil when I was home on leave. I have been coming to AC faithfully ever since I moved back home three years ago. I was stationed in North Carolina and though the Marines kept me in good shape, my workouts consisted of plenty of curls for the girls and shrugs for the hugs. I have been an active person throughout my life, but Crossfit challenges me day in and day out.

Its not only about the workouts at AC. I love the community and the challenge the members bring to the table everyday. Without the people in the class I wouldn’t push myself so hard nor would I have as much fun working out. The people here have become like family and the closest friends I have are because of this gym – shout out to the R&R crew.

I am forever grateful for Crossfit AC. It has made me a healthier person, more active person, gave me great friendships and my future wife. Its great to see the transformations within myself day in and day out but its also wonderful to see the accomplishments of those around me. Crossfit AC is a great community to be apart of and I am looking forward to the move and all the changes – Congratulations by the way Perry, Dino, and . Francesca.

Thank you for nominating me for athlete of the month, and keep up the good work everyone.


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