Crossfit-AC athlete for the month of October is Michelle Prue, this is her story!!!

Hi my name is Michelle Prue-Ellis and this is my story…. I first want to say thank you to CrossFit-AC for nominating me for October’s athlete of the month.  Perry, Francesca, Adam,(Jackson), and most especially Dino,  thank you so much for giving me something I look forward to every day I come. You have made me a stronger person both physically and mentally.  I know I’ll always be able to take care of my boys because of that strength.  Dino, over the last four years you have helped me accomplish things I never thought I could do; pushing Jack in a 5k, completing an Open all RX, unassisted pull-ups and rope climbs, Spartan Races, just to name a few. You continue to push me to accomplish new goals and I hope to reach them all!
I remember walking into the new location at the mill in 2012 and talking to Dino for the first time. I made the decision to do personal training because to be honest,  all the crazy people working out we’re totally intimidating me.  Screaming, people flipping tires, people throwing weights, I mean there was this one woman doing weighted pull-ups with a boot on her foot and her trainer had to boost and lower her from the bar!!!(Paula W!!!!) When I had my first workout, Dino told me we would only be working out for 20 minutes to start and I remember chuckling to myself only 20 minutes, how bad could that be? I had always been an athlete and ran cross country through high school and college and continued to run . Well, I found out the next day when I could barely walk just  how bad it could be. What  started as a two day a week workout has changed into a routine I need in my life.  I have learned so much about nutrition,  changed how I look at my body and what is healthy.  I have made some great friends and I love how everyone supports each other at CrossFit-AC.  It is definitely more than just a gym it is a family and I am proud to be one of those “crazy” people!!

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