Crossfit-AC athlete for the month of December is Chris Vokes, this is his story.

Hi, my name is Chris Vokes and I am honored to be Crossfit AC’s Athlete of the Month. Here is my story.

I first met Perry many years ago when he was an aspiring hockey player. We would often see each other at professional hockey camps, needless to say we didn’t make it in hockey, but he found his calling in the fitness world. I am glad that when I decided to give Crossfit a try it was him that I ran into because   he helped and encouraged me every step of the way.

About 4 years ago on a Saturday, I had my first workout at Crossfit AC. I thought I was going to die! I was all set with ever going back to that torture chamber! Low and behold, my soon to be father-in-law was working out daily. I thought if the old guy could do it, I think I can too. Initially, I signed up to do a couple times a week, and had no problem putting off or missing a session. Fast forward 3 years, I can’t miss a day (sometimes I am there twice in one day.)

Since I could remember, I have had issues with asthma. I felt limited because I would have trouble breathing while playing sports. I have always played hockey and continue to play in adult leagues. I now find that at the end of a game, I am not as tired and have even played back to back games!  Since starting Crossfit, I have noticed some amazing changes: I am in the best shape of my life; I have gained confidence; and I feel better.

People say that I am crazy for doing Crossfit. I say, “Give it a try and see how you feel after”. It’s not for everyone, but it’s for me. I enjoy going every day and seeing all the progress I have made. Even though I can’t do some of the routines, I won’t stop trying until I get it. The best part is I enjoy proving myself wrong, thinking I can’t do it and then succeeding  (nice work! now go do something else you can’t do.)

I never thought I would like going to a gym, especially since I was always the round, fat kid who never stepped foot into one. I was okay with where I was in my life–the fat kid, with little confidence who tried to be funny, just to fit in with others.

Through this journey, I have made many great friends or as I call them, my “gym family” (Carla, Erin, Suzanne, Gigi, and Pat.) I want to say THANK YOU Ed for sharing the Kool-Aid, Francesca for busting my chops and taking me on never-ending runs, and finally, to all the coaches –

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