Athlete for the month of October is John Grigas, this is his story!!
John Grigas, 28 years old and an outgoing 2009 graduate of Marlboro HS/Millbury School system, is an experienced Special Olympic Athlete, competing with the Auburn Rocketeers. John receives services as a client at the Center of Hope in Southbridge and being highly motivated, is employed in multiple assignments, including automotive detailing, janitorial services and landscaping.
John is a very ambitious man of fitness and gained an interest in working out and strength training long before his recent 28th birthday in September. He is lucky to have a handful of equipment in his own home and can often be spotted around town going for a run. John gets some of his motivation from big celebrities John Cena, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, which offer some insight into his personal goals!
He has competed year-round in multiple sports with the Special Olympics since he was young, including track, swimming, basketball, softball, soccer, cycling and alpine skiing. But his real talent and passion lies in Power-lifting. Not being built for swimming, John has enthusiastically focused on Power-lifting, gaining great satisfaction in realizing increased overall body strength (and appetite!). In every event, he is proud to show what he can do and how far he has come. He is always one to go for the gold and lift as much as possible, not to disappoint his fans.
CrossFitAC has become his home away from home. Previously, John would jog across Millbury to get to CrossFit. Now, he needs a card for Uber! Not only does he look forward to every session he has scheduled with his trainer Nguyen Huynh, he’s ready to go 2 hours in advance! There, surrounded by like-minded men and women, John trains enthusiastically, using lessons he’s learned based on his coaching.
John’s motto, if you ask him, is “Never give in”!

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