Athlete for the month of March is Cheryl Cote, this is her story!!

On a very sore Monday morning with ripped hands and sore shoulders from participating in the Crossfit Open Workout 18.1 on Sunday after returning home late from a week away, I am questioning my sanity on a lot of levels. I receive a text informing me I have been selected for athlete of the month at Crossfit AC. Say what?

Many thoughts run through my head- Perry must have really missed me annoying him for a week while I was away. Do Dino and Vanessa know about this craziness? So after wondering if there was an error I humbly thank Francesca for the clarification that it was legit. I figure I better just write my story; it might be the only chance I get.

So what is my story? I played sports growing up –from figure skating, swimming, softball, basketball always loving the social and competiveness of it. As I began working the only place I could still find this was some adult coed softball leagues or basketball leagues but it didn’t quiet fulfill what I needed. I then joined a few friends running in road races but that ended up with the Boston Marathon 2001 being my second road race ever. So with running and swimming for years it was a hobby, I never counted it as working out, it was maintenance for my job as a Lifeguard/Swim Instructor. Anytime I decided I was going to work out –incorporate lifting weights it would last about 2 weeks and I would be right back to being a cardio junkie 3-5 days a week for an hour. My 2000yards swim I would refer to as the leisure 2000. Feeling the same aches and pains associated with overuse injuries I realized if I wanted to stay active as I grew older I had to do something different.

Around January 2013 I really started contemplated the idea of group classes so I did power yoga which was enjoyable, the idea of working out at a certain time for class kept me accountable but didn’t fulfill the aspect of being competitive or offer a lot for socializing.

A longtime friend had started Crossfit, I wasn’t sure which one he was going to but as we talked I said I looked into it and many were expensive and didn’t really have convenient times. He said his was great –it had a lot of different class times even for on-ramp classes -Crossfit AC. This is the part where he might claim I followed him here.

So May 2013 I attended my first class with Mike Lafleur –Gray as my trainer and we were doing a lot of barbell moves but I really liked it (he was so patient) and signed up for 3 times a week, eventually by October committing to unlimited membership. These first five months I wasn’t sure I belong here a lot of other people were in great shape I thought this was their job. But luckily I met many others who were teachers and made me feel like I belonged, thanks Erica Mulryan, and quickly introduced me to many people and the 3:30 group which was quickly my favorite hour of the day. Eventually, we moved out of foundations, which was scary at first, and met more people but left me once again doubting if I should be doing this. I met my life coach Susanne and our lady friends (Liz & Betty). Before I knew it I was doing obstacle course races with these people-my new friends. It was so great to gain confidence and new challenges with such amazing people.

As the levels at Crossfit AC changed and the trainers changed I experienced the ups and downs of self doubt but the Crossfit AC community has carried me through. So much that I eventually signed up for my first Crossfit Open in 2015 it was the first year they offered the open with a scaled division so I was reassured I had nothing to lose and I could do it. It was a great experience to see where I fell in line outside of my gym and I gained more confidence and friends at Crossfit AC. So I really began to embrace Crossfit. The next open 2016 was a little different because I found myself being more competitive with myself wanting to do try some non scaled workouts so that was my goal for the next year.  It is around this time Crossfit AC really became a big part of my life inside and outside of the gym. So Crossfit Open 2017, with the help of my friends was the year I was going RX, but self doubt set in and I would be planning from the time we got together at Red Rock Grill for the reveal on Thursday until Monday when scores had to be submitted how I could complete these wod’s – sometimes it meant doing the scaled version and the rx version. With the end result being from friends “See I told you could do it”.

Unfortunately shortly after the open I had a bad winter fall which resulted in lot of physical therapy, a torn rotator cuff but not the ability to pull me away from Crossfit AC. So for the last 10 months I still go 4-5 days a week with many modifications to the WOD’s. Perry and Dino have been great about working around my injuries. I also have been accused of showing up because I wanted to show off new workout gear, meet the ladies for post workout coffee or I needed advice from my life coach Susanne, which is all true. I have also been overheard telling my dedicated trainer Perry I am here to socialize and the workout is a bonus. But whatever reason that gets me there Crossfit AC is doing something right especially on a Friday afternoon when I prefer the gym over the local watering hole with my colleagues. I even went to a Crossfit gym on my vacation in Key West, so guess you can say I am hooked.

Of course the Open is here and once again I’m signed up. I’ll give it my best- hoping to stay RX but it is a one and done mentality. It really has been a great Crossfit journey. I am thankful for all the support and the great friendships I have made. Thanks Crossfit AC- Francesca, Perry, Dino and Vanessa!



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