Athlete for the month of June is Rob Battelle, this is his story!

Growing up in Worcester I was rarely into sports. I’d play the occasional baseball, basketball and golf but nothing ever really stuck. As I grew older, responsibilities took priority, my health and happiness took a back seat, until some major changes to my life kick started my drive to want to be healthier, leaner, faster, stronger. For a while the only thing I was able to obtain for any sort of workout program was the grand ol’ P90x, and (Insert at home workouts) etc. I had lost 40 lbs, gained little to no muscle and hated the way I looked. After my first Spartan Race, that all this training was for, I gave up. I did a lot of back and forth of working out and being lazy until hope had finally crossed over the horizon, Crossfit AC.

From my first day to today, everyone in the community of the box has been unreal! I have met some of the greatest people in the world over the 3+ years at AC. Just seeing the pride that everyone has after completing one of Dinos killer WoDs makes me feel like I have finally found my sport. Years ago I never could have imagined myself being able to do a handstand against the wall or 100 single unders. But over time, lots of patients, and practice I find myself getting closer to my goals. Healthier, leaner, faster, stronger. Today, having 15+ Spartan Races under my belt there is no one to thank but Crossfit AC for getting me into the shape I am today!

Perry: Thank you for creating a monster inside! Francesca: Thank you for pushing me to do comps, extra work and for being my Crossfit mother! Dino/all coaches: Thank you for adjusting my queues and form and playing my jams! Oh and that 1 extra rep during the 2018 open, never forget!

Other Athletes: Thank you for pushing me and letting me push you! Your all the reason why I love coming to AC! Stay fast, stay strong, stay gold!


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