Athlete for the month of July is Steven Larson, this is his story!!

I joined Crossfit AC in the summer of 2011. At that time, they were housed in their first location in the “dome” athletic facility in Auburn. As some of you may know, that facility has been leveled and no longer exists. During the same time, Crossfit AC moved to the Millbury location before settling in the awesome new building in Sutton. Their growth and success are well deserved. Dino, Perry and Francesca (with apologies to any other trainers that I have not met) have done a great job creating not only a great facility and place to work out, but a family of excellent fellow athletes and truly a “community”.

I hesitate to date myself, but I have participated in almost every form of popular exercise. From “Nautilus” which was popular when I got out of college, to everything from free weights, machines and yoga. I have also spent time (and a fair amount of money) on personal training. Crossfit, to me, combines the best of all those worlds. You have the guidance of a trainer to create and teach workouts, with the format of a class of other athletes to push you harder and provide support. On that note, I would also like to mention how grateful I am to have met and continue to work out with so many great people in the 5:30am class!

A few years ago, a Crossfit box opened about five minutes from my home. I have never set foot in the place and don’t intend to. I would rather get up a little earlier (4:30 Ugh) and make the twenty minute drive to Sutton.

Thank you once again to Dino, Perry, Francesca and all the “dirty five thirtys”. You are all the best!


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