Crossfit-AC athlete for the month of September is Felix Alicea, this is his story!!

I’ve been a member at CrossFit AC for about 5 years. (hard to believe it’s been that long and I’m still so mediocre).

I grew up playing baseball and football but always struggled with my weight, at my heaviest I was 250 pounds! I started my fitness journey like most guys, hitting the gym, doing some bro reps and being done in 30 mins, and seeing less than ideal results.

An old friend of mine introduced me to the P90x program and I liked the “intensity” and had some significant weight loss from it. I had always heard about CrossFit but dismissed it as not “right for me”.

I moved to Millbury and got tired of jumping around my living room with P90x and decided I’d try the place right down the road from me for a change.

I’ll never forget the first time I walked in. I watched a guy (Perry) with a megaphone yelling…” INTENSITY!!” at a group of people doing duck-walks in the parking lot. I thought, “oh, hell no” and turned right around to go home.

Thankfully Dino stopped me, and we joked about how crazy the whole scene looked and I decided to stay. I thought I was in decent shape when I walked in, boy was I wrong! I peeled myself off the turf after that first class and I’ve been coming back to the 5:30 am class ever since.

Through the AC community, not only have I been able to physically be in the best shape of my life, but I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some of the greatest people I know who’ve significantly changed my life for the better!

Shout out to the “Dirty 530 crew” I love you all, thank you! A very special thanks to the Patramanis family, the trainers, and entire community at CrossFit AC!



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