Team AC,

Thank you again for selecting Rebekah she is SO happy. Here is her story!


From day one I have been active. My mom actually showed me a video of me in her belly competing in my own soccer tournament, which was weird. When I was three I was enrolled on a soccer team at the Y. It was boring. But I did find a park near the Y where I would climb, hang and jump from everything; but as I got older it wasn’t fun anymore because I was too big. In August 2016 my parents became too fat to keep up with me so they decided to give CrossFit a try, and they have been doing it ever since. I wanted so badly to do class with them so my friend Coach Jose’ taught me and guided me during the adult class so I could do the movements correctly. I loved it so much that I competed in the Open that February. Shortly after we moved and I started here at AC!  WOW, in the old place I loved doing rope climbs and Coach Dino would always stop and help me. Working under Coach Perry I perfected my split jerk! My mom could see how much I loved it so she became an L1 and a CrossFit Kid’s coach so she could teach me at AC. I also love helping my mom teach the other kids; my mom would say I interrupt her, but that’s just her being dramatic.

I love Saturday’s because that means I get to do CrossFit! A couple weeks ago I did a 75 pound back squat, it was awesome. I just wish the other kids would be as interested as me because I loved when the classes at AC had lots of kids.

I have set my sights to be at the Games when I get older and I will win.

Rebekah Gedick



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