Athlete for the month of January is Nicole Ouellette, this is her story!!

My name is Nikki and I joined CrossFit AC almost two years ago. I had wanted to try it for years, but was always too intimated. I grew up pretty athletic, running cross country and playing basketball, but had never done anything like CrossFit before. After a lot of encouragement from my brother, I made the jump (he basically paid for my first month and told me not to waste his money. Thanks Stephen Conway!)

9 weeks after having my fourth child, I walked into AC for my first foundations class.  I can remember being so sore one night at foundations that I told Perry I couldn’t finish the work out. I couldn’t handle another squat. I still remember the look of confusion on his face when he responded “what do you mean you’re done??”.  I slowly started lifting heavier and learning new skills and before I knew it, I was going to class 5-6 nights a week. I was hooked!  Most of the time, you’ll find me at 7:30pm class and I try to get to barbell club twice a week. Thanks to Coach Nguyen for helping me make huge improvements with my form. Thank you Perry, Francesca, Dino and Vanessa for providing me with a place where I can retreat from the craziness of four kids for an hour and focus on me!


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