Crossfit-AC athlete for the month of February is Erin Merrill, this is her story!!

Hi my name is Erin.   I started doing crossfit about 4 years ago.  I was never very athletic growing up.  As I got older I started working out to keep up with my ever-slowing metabolism and try to reverse aging. 😊  So at 30 I quit smoking and started running.  I just ran for a few years and then I started seeing stuff about crossfit and how insane everyone looked who did it.  So, I found a groupon for a gym near me.  I went there for a year and half and then moved back to this area.  I wanted to continue with crossfit here, so I found Crossfit AC.  I’ll be honest it took me a month before I went to a class.  I was so intimated by the workouts compared to my old gym.  I waited until there was a workout I thought I could finish and not die.   In the beginning I went sporadically, and Perry was always on my case every week.  “Where you been?” No excuse was ever good enough. 😊 One class we were finding our one rep max back squat and I was frustrated I couldn’t squat more.  I vented to Perry and he said flat out “Well you should come more”.  Answer was so easy.  Duh! I wanted to see more results, so I start coming 4-6 days a week.  Love you Perry and my 7:30pm classmates!  I think the first year after that I added 45 pounds to my 1 rep back squat.  Once you start seeing those results you get addicted.  But that’s what’s great about this sport.  There is always something to work on.  There is always something new.  There is always the same love hate for every hard WOD.  Which is pretty much every WOD at Crossfit AC.   Perry, Dino, Vanessa and Francesca are always welcoming faces and the family atmosphere is one of the many great qualities of this gym.  Nguyen has also been so patient and helpful over the past year and half.  I was so scared of snatching when I first started and now sometimes even though I’m still scared, I kind of like it now.   Everyone needs to go to barbell!    Thank you to Perry, Nguyen, Dino, Francesca and Vanessa for providing a comfortable and inviting place to work out and almost die every day!

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