Dino Patramanis

Owner & Personal Trainer


Dino Patramanis is a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).  He received his Bachelor’s Degree in May 2010 for Health Science at Worcester State College.

Dino has played professional soccer in Italy for four years with the U.S. San Severo Calcio (Italy) 2007-2009; Eccelenza ASD Rosetto Calcio (Italy) 2006-2007; Lucera Calcio (Italy) 2005-2006.   He also participated in Torneo Di Viareggio, Italy’s top youth tournament.   He played for U-16 Region 1 and U.S. National Pool which consists of the top forty players by age group in the United States.

When you first meet Costantino “Dino” Patramanis you immediately realize that this young man lives Fitness.  He is in phenomenal shape, however not “Muscle Bound.”  According to him – you lose a lot of flexibility by bodybuilding too much.  Dino is President and one of the owners of Crossfit Athletic Center in Millbury, MA.  He has been into fitness all his life, thanks to his father Perry Patramanis, who is also one of the owners and a personal trainer at Crossfit AC.

When asked what prompted him to open Crossfit AC he said, “I love training people and seeing them reach their personal goals.  It’s why I went to college and got my Bachelors Degree in Health Science. I knew I’d be a more effective trainer and help prevent injury if I knew more intimately the mechanics of the body.  I’m also CPR and First Aid certified.”  This is obvious as you watch him train his clients. Pushing them to do their best but watching out for their limits and making adjustments when he sees fatigue setting in.  “I love to see people progress toward their goal.  Usually when they start out they fear what they don’t know.  I can tell within the first workout two things.  One, what their limits are, and two, how best to motivate them.”  I know that staying motivated is one of the major issues that people deal with.

What is noticeable at Crossfit AC is how close the members become and how much they seem to motivate each other.  “Yeah, we have great members.  It’s nice to watch them not only give each other encouragement but create friendships that motivate them to come back.  Of course we also have people who are competitive and that’s always fun too.”

As a former soccer player, he played 4 years in Italy and was one of the top 72 players in the country for his age group, he is obviously used to competition.  He was also a member of the first ODP team to win the Region I Rider Cup in New Jersey.  He was a personal trainer for other gyms before opening his own.  “I’ve always loved training people.  Although I enjoy personal training very much, and still do quite a bit of it here at Crossfit AC, I knew when we trained for Crossfit certification that this was the gym I wanted to open.  Crossfit is such a complete body workout I couldn’t imagine opening just another gym.”

When asked if he thought it would be difficult to work with his father so closely and with his best friend Nick Tomasetta (also a trainer at Crossfit AC), he says, “absolutely not.  I love working with my father.  He is a great inspiration and friend to me.  And Nick and I have been friends and worked out together for many years.  It’s great to work with people who are as excited about fitness as I am.  A lot of times people become personal trainers just because they are in great shape.  Being able to work with people who truly care about their clients is a blessing.

We actually have a couple of members who are going to become personal trainers themselves.  It’s rewarding to me to think that maybe I had a part in motivating them to not only reach their goals, but to give back to other people what they’ve learned.”  It’s so obvious that Dino, Perry and Nick care.  If you cant to see for yourself, go to Crossfit Athletic Center for your free session.  I promise you’ll want to join. With the ability to go to one of the Crossfit classes several times a day, 7 days a week, it’s the best deal around.

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