Perry Patramanis

Personal Trainer, Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach


Perry Patramanis has over 36 years of experience in personal training and strengthening and conditioning.  Perry has trained athletes at every level including many Professional Athletes in the NHL and United Soccer League, many college level athletes in all sports and also youth programs like Youth Premier Soccer Club.  Perry incorporates benefits like: first step, explosiveness, injury prevention, power speed, stamina, and agility to better their athletic ability and performance overall.  Perry is certified in Level 1 Crossfit and many other certifications.

I first met Perry Patramanis over a year ago. One of the first things you notice is that he’s in better shape than most 20-year-olds and he’s always smiling and should be. He’s been a personal trainer his entire adult life. He has multiple certifications and always gives 100% to whatever he does.

I’ve always felt that people should stay healthy, and the best way to be healthy is a good diet and regular exercise.

Which is how he came to be one of the founders of Crossfit AC in Auburn, MA.

CrossFit is a great workout, but I don’t ask my clients to do something I wouldn’t do myself, so before I have my clients do a new routine, I’ve already done it myself. I love CrossFit and believe it’s going to be the wave of the exercise future.

Since CrossFit is used in over 2,000 gyms worldwide, he may be right.

I’ve been into fitness all my life, and I’ve trained many professional athletes.

Having trained in the NHL and United Soccer league, you know he has a great reputation as a trainer.

I tried to pass on my love of sports and exercise to my family.

Which he has obviously done since you’ll see many of his family members are CrossFit clients. Preventing injury is paramount so Perry emphasizes a good warm up and stretching out, not only before but after your workout.

If you don’t do a proper warm up and stretch out, you are more prone to injury. An injured person may not be able to work out for a week or more.

When asked about the gym he says that it’s always been a dream of his so when the location became available, it was “Perfect.”

When asked if he had any concerns about opening the gym he says, – I’m very excited to be part of this endeavor. I enjoy training and it shows. My son enjoys training and he’s good. Having worked out with Nick, Dino and Perry I can say, its true. It’s nice working out with trainers who care for your well being and safety, but who want to push you to do better. So if you’re thinking of giving it a try remember, the 1st visit is free.

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