I go for training almost every day. In addition to being in the best shape of my life, I’ve met some wonderful people. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.Trevor R. Ruggles

After seeing the results with my husband I had to start CrossFit too! Go see Perry and Dino if you really want to get in shape and transform your bodySheryl Heaphy

Thanks to the CrossFit AC crew for an AWESOME WOD this morning!! If you want a serious workout, this is the place for you!Joe Lawendowski

Great group of trainers in a very friendly environment. Would highly recommend to all ages and abilities!Joe Bonofiglio

Thanks to Dino and CrossFit AC, I no longer have back pain. I have had back surgery and have suffered with chronic/severe back pain for several years. I have been going to CrossFit-AC, and training with Dino for about a month, and have never felt better!! Thank you Soooo Much Dino/CrossFit-AC!!!!Jessica French

Realized tonight that once you experience CrossFit AC everything else pales in comparison. Went to my old gym just to see what it was like and after spending 15 minutes there I dreaded the decision. Demotivated and lacking direction, I managed a 30 minute workout as I watched others just as demotivated as myself. Totally different than CrossFit AC where everyday is a new challenge and new skill to learn or master and the energy level is so electrified that even if you enter demotivated- by the time your’e done with the warmup your’e ready to workout and give it your all which has resulted in me being in the best shape in my life. And of course the CrossFit AC staff who honestly care about your progress and are there to push you when you need it most. After going from gym to gym since the late 1980’s, I realized tonight, I’ve finally found my home base. If your’e bored with the general gym environment and want a change and results, than this is the place for you.Kim Allen

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