1. Where are you from? How long have you lived in the
I’m a born and bred Jersey girl- But I’ve been a transplant in New
England for almost 10 years now. I have lived in Sutton with my
husband, two kids, and two dogs for the last three years.

2. What’s your favorite CF movement? What’s your least
My favorite movement is a toss up between power cleans and
back squats. Snatches are my least favorite.

3. What do you do for work?
I’m a Police Officer!

4. If you were stranded on an Island for a
week, what celebrity would you want to be
stranded with?
Taylor Swift, for sure!

5. Tell us something most people don’t know!
I used to ride horses competitively from my
childhood, and throughout college! I actually
have a bachelors degree in equine business

6. What is your favorite thing about CrossFit AC?
Easy- the coaching. Zathan and Mike have been very patient with
me getting back into shape after the birth of my son, but at the
same time, have pushed me harder than I push myself sometimes.
It’s the extra nudge I need to get to the level I want to be at in the
future. They’re always very conscientious of making sure I’m doing
things correctly, and give me the encouragement I need to get
through a tough workout, or to throw a little more weight on the
bar. Thanks for believing in me, guys!

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